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What does our name, Prodegi, mean?

  •  Prodegi is a variation of the word prodigy which derives from the Latin prodigium, meaning an omen or a sign of something to come.
  • The Latin root word "prod" means forward and the Latin word "egi means  to lead or to drive. 

Our name, Prodegi, describes the significant impact we deliver to our clients as we help them navigate the complex world of employee benefits, and lead them toward achieving their ultimate business goals.

Prodegi is a full-service benefits consultant and third party administrator (TPA.)

Our licensed benefit consultants specialize in a consultative approach to help structure cost-effective benefit plan designs while ensuring regulatory compliance. We understand the dynamic healthcare landscape, which continuously impacts employee benefit plans and their administration. At Prodegi, we focus on optimizing best business practices, cost containment and operational efficiency to bring you a customized employee benefit program at an affordable cost.


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