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Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is an organization of participating providers with whom you will enjoy the best value for your benefit dollar. Prodegi Members can elect to obtain their care from PPO participating providers  or from out-of-network providers. If services are received from a PPO provider (in-network), both the Member and their employer will realize substantial savings. If services are received from non-PPO providers (out-of-network), the plan still covers the services, but at a reduced reimbursement level. The benefit plan will typically base benefits on a Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) charge, and the Member may have to pay amounts billed in excess of UCR out of their own pocket. PPOs are one of the most flexible forms of managed care, providing savings and allowing the employee the option of receiving care from any provider.

Prodegi has contracts with national, regional and local PPO networks that can serve the needs of employers with both single and multiple locations. 

Locate your PPO and/or Participating Physicians within your PPO:

(Note: We have contracts with many PPO organizations. Most plans limit access to one primary PPO network for their local care, and possibly a second PPO network for medical needs that arise while traveling outside the local service area. In order to determine which PPO covers you, please refer to your ID card to find the PPO network logo.  Your primary PPO network will be clearly identified on the front of the card, and your travel network will be on the back of the card. Once identified, select the appropriate "hot key" below.)





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